Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Upper Deck 2 Blaster Break

The first break for the blog will be this year's Upper Deck Series 2 "Blaster" Box. That's Jarome Iginla on the front. Anyway, you get 12 packs in these blaster boxes, but the packs contain only 5 cards as opposed to the 8 in regular packs. Alright, on to the cards:

I really like this Niklas Backstrom card; the photography is typical UD in your face style. Great advertising for the "Montreal" brand of sticks.

Here's the only Young Guns I got, Nathan Gerbe of the Sabres. A quick check of his stats for this season shows 10 games played with 1 assist and 4 penalty minutes. I guess I'll hold on to this one.

Normally I don't like Victory Update cards in Upper Deck packs but I'm a Bruins fan so this Wheeler rookie is appreciated.

This is one of the inserts cards, Montreal Canadiens "Tales of the Cup," numbered TC6. Basically there's a story on the back about a Stanley Cup winning team. In this case, while changing a flat tire, the Cup was forgotten at the side of the road. When they came back, it was still there.

Here's the last of the non base cards, Ryan Smyth Favorite Sons FS1. This recounts some of the player's activities growing up in his hometown.

So, that was the highlights for this first box. Thanks for reading!


shanediaz82 said...

That's a great Wheeler card and I really like those Tales of the Cup inserts. I've only pulled a couple so far but it's a good subset if you're into hockey history.

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