Monday, March 23, 2009

Set Spotlight: 77-78 OPC Glossy Inserts

My buddy gave me a bunch of cards some time ago, and there were a few of these smaller cards from 77-78 OPC. According to the info I found, they were inserted one per pack. Featuring a facsimile autograph, a lot of the stars of the day were represented: Cheevers, Dryden, LaFleur, Potvin, Sittler, Perreault, Dionne, Clarke and others. While this 22 card set was included in both 77-78 Topps and OPC, evidently the previous year it was Topps only, with a Bobby Orr.

Great action shot for the Dionne, I hope he threw some big haymakers.

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B. Wags said...

That is a very cool set. I have the set from the year before, but I need to collect these ones too. I believe that they only released these inserts for those 2 years.