Friday, April 10, 2009

08 09 Champs Blaster

08 09 Champs Hockey Blaster Break, 12 packs for a total of 48 cards. Resembling the old time cigarette cards, all of the inserts are of the "mini" size. Unique to this set is the Natural History Collection inserts, which are animals, fossils, bones and the like.

I'll start with the regular size rookies: (1:2)

As you can see, nobody too thrilling, Voracek is having an ok rookie year.

Mini Rookies: (1:8)

Nodl has seen some time in Philly at LW while Frolik is a regular with the Panthers recording 42 points.

Natural History Collection: (1:6)

The Kakapo is a flightless parrot from New Zealand. They are on the critically endangered list, with 90 known individuals left.

CT-ZP Zach Parise Mini Threads: (1:24)

This is the 2nd Parise jersey for me this season. Quite possibly the smallest swatch I've ever seen.

These are nice cards, with a vintage design and an educational aspect with the Natural History Inserts. Thumbs up.


Sal said...

Got three questions for ya...

1. How much did the blaster box cost?

2. Do the packs say RETAIL on them, implying that perhaps the special cards are seeded at a different rate?

3. Are any of the cards--specifically the Natural History cards--available for trade?


Powerforward said...

1. The Blaster cost $25 here in Canada, I think a little less in the U.S.

2. Yes, they do say Retail. You're right, some of the odds for inserts are different. For instance, Natural History is 1:6 packs while in Hobby boxes it's 1:3 (according to the Upper deck site).

3. With the exception of the Natural History cards, I'm willing to trade the others.

Sal said...

Hi again,

Maybe I could trade you for those two mini rookie cards?

My stuff for trade can be found here:


Chuck's Used Cards said...

Interesting cards. I like the minis - what are like the original tobacco cards.

Please contact me.



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