Tuesday, June 9, 2009

07 08 Ultra Hockey Packs

Back after a short break.
Picked up some 07 08 Ultra for $1.49 each.

First Pack:

116 Noah Welch
54 Simon Gagne
59 Wade Redden
185 Zdeno Chara
23 Johan Holmqvist Gold Medallion (one per pack)

Not a bad pack, with some solid veterans.


184 Glen Murray
122 Joffrey Lupul
9 Brendan Morrison
Rookie Redemption (1:72)
157 Martin Havlat
193 J.S. Giguere Gold Medallion

I was happy to get the Redemption with 1:72 odds, hoped it was Kane or Lucic, but found out later its Marc Staal. The redemption is still valid, however. Martin Havlat is due for a big contract this off season, I believe he's an unrestricted free agent. I sure hope the Hawks can keep him.


50 Mike Richards
70 Mikael Nylander Gold Medallion
177 Jason Pominville
93 Saku Koivu
DM7 Mats Sundin Difference Makers (1:6)

Not a lot here. Richards is a future cornerstone in Philly. Difference Makers? These inserts are getting somewhat uninspired.

Anyways, for this price, I'll try to hunt down some more.